The Casillo Campus project to be featured on RAI 3

The Casillo Campus will hit the airwaves of Rai 3 in a segment featuring interviews with the central figures of a project that exemplifies Molino Casillo's ongoing dedication to recruiting young people to the flour milling industry.

With Casillo Campus, now in its fourth edition, the Casillo Group trains and recruits human resources in the management of its mills. The focus is on young people with a wide range of skills and targeted technical abilities who also reflect the Group’s values: proactiveness, an ability to adapt to change, dynamism, enthusiasm and energy.

The TG 3 journalists even interviewed one of our first ‘graduates’, Francesca Palazzo, who is now a head miller.

The company is especially attentive to the ratio of women working in the role, which has increasingly required more professional skills thanks to research and innovation. As of today, seven women work in our mills.