Sustainability, Standard Ethics promotes the Casillo Group

The Casillo Group has long taken measures to promote sustainable development and has as a result been awarded the EE [Adequate] rating by Standard Ethics, an independent rating agency that follows the indications and principles of the United Nations, OECD and European Union.

The same agency has also awarded us a Long Term Expected SER, i.e. a rating expected within 2-3 years, of EE [Strong] (the final ratings of the level of conformity with sustainability principles are expressed with nine different rating classifications where “EEE” is a perfectly sustainable model).

Over the coming years, in order to improve its rating, the Casillo Group will be taking action in four different areas:
- Boosting external communication in the field of governance.
- Drawing up internal guidelines for the composition of the company’s diversity and gender inclusion committees.
- Establishing an internal sustainability hub to summarise, analyse and plan sustainability projects and provide appropriate external communication.
- Formalising internal anti-corruption policies.