Agritech, a cooperative project of Molino Casillo and University of Naples Federico II

A new project is starting, Agritech is finalized to the constitution of a National Research Centre for the agriculture technologies in the PNRR (National Plan of Resilience and Recovery) sector.

National research centres will be realised in Hub & Spoke mode, the Hub which is the creator subject will coordinate the activities of different spokes (executors), who will manage activities and will represent the point of contact of MIUR.

The research centre of the Agritech project will consist of 1 hub and 9 spokes. The University of Naples Federico II will be the hub and main proposal subject, meanwhile Casillo Group has applied in 2 spokes: S8 related to the Circular Economy and S9 related to Food Traceability. Casillo Group’s adhesion in the National Centre will be as a participant.

Specifically, the 8 spoke on the Circular Economy will be focused on new models of circular economy in agriculture through valorisation and waste recycle.

Concerning the 9 spoke on Food Traceability, the project will promote new technologies and methodologies of traceability, quality, security, measures, and certifications to value and protect typicality in agriculture sectors.

The project has already passed Phase 1 of approval by MIUR while Phase 2 is being evaluated.