Gruppo Casillo is more sustainable than ever: Standard Ethics raises its rating

Standard Ethics has elevated its Outlook for Gruppo Casillo from Stable to Positive.

The current rating achieved by the Group is EE- [Adequate], on a scale from EEE to F where the former represents perfectly sustainable models. The Long Term Expected SER, i.e. the expected rating for the next 1-2 years, is EE [Strong].

The independent rating agency Standard Ethics, renown for introducing a standardized and institutional approach to sustainability ratings, issues its Standard Ethics Rating according to principles and voluntary guidelines provided by the United Nations, OECD and European Union.

The current EE- rating places the Group among sustainable companies within the Food&Beverage Sustainability Italian Benchmark – a reference model that has just been launched and includes major Italian companies in the field at the moment.

Today, Gruppo Casillo is one of the few agri-food companies to have achieved such a positive rating: EE- is indeed the highest rating associated with the six top Italian groups in the industry.