Casillo: a scholarship for the “Walter Tobagi” School

Through the Vincenzo Casillo Foundation, our Group is offering a scholarship for the “Walter Tobagi” School of Journalism, which the Foundation already supported in 2020.

The “Walter Tobagi” School of Journalism was founded in 2006 by Milan’s State University. Having received the seal of approval from IFG (the Italian institute for journalism training) thanks to its collaboration with the Ordine dei giornalisti (the Italian Journalist Association), it is supported by the Walter Tobagi Association.

Over two hundred students have attended the school since it opened, learning the ropes of journalism in digital media, radio and TV broadcasting, and traditional print publications. Many of them have secured jobs, including some with major editorial teams in Italy.

For the next academic year – marking the tenth edition of the master’s two-year theoretical and practical program – the “Walter Tobagi” School is offering 13 scholarships. One of them will be covered by the Vincenzo Casillo Foundation.

To apply for a scholarship for the master’s degree in journalism, candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree (3-year course) with a minimum final mark of 90 over 110.

Being a registered editorial contributor and holding a certification proving one’s knowledge of English will add points to aspiring students’ applications. After the master’s two years, which also count towards the required traineeship and will include internships in leading Italian newspapers, graduates will have the opportunity to take the state exam to become a professional journalist.

Applications for the master’s course at the “Walter Tobagi” School of Journalism must be presented by 5 August. Further information is available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To read the call for applications, visit