Online Conference to discover the company Museums of Puglia

On Friday, 22 January 2021, at 5.00 pm, on the Confindustria Bari and BAT YouTube site, in collaboration with the Vincenzo Casillo Foundation, Make It in Puglia, Confindustria Taranto, Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Industriale, the Confindustria Bari Culture Club will present a journey to discover the company museums of Puglia. The event is sponsored by the Italian Business Archives and Museums Association and the ADI Industrial Design Association. 

It is a tribute to the value of the Company Museum, which preserves and enhances its industrial and cultural heritage by making it available to the community, brings together new aspects of business culture, influences training processes, safeguards the memory of Italian industry and promotes the manufacturing capacity which is the engine of development of an economic, social and civil culture.
As extraordinary vehicles of synthesis between history and innovation, Company Museums allow us to document and recount what companies have done and continue to do for the growth of the country. The history of the companies and their protagonists is retold by objects, documents, images, photographs, films: a unique heritage, an expression of culture, creativity and Made in Italy, which presents the productive and entrepreneurial history of Italy.
Technical and commercial documents, iconographic materials, products and machinery preserved in the archives and in the Company Museums are the material signs that document the evolution of many Italian manufacturers from the last century to the present day, an expression of the capacity for innovation, which is transmitted from the past to the present.

The Vincenzo Casillo Foundation, which contributed to organising the “Apulian industrial heritage - Stories of work and companies” in June 2019, by hosting it in the Casillo Group Conference Room, and sponsored the "Open future of Italian companies” event in Matera in November 2019, renews its interest in and commitment to continue spreading and promoting the industrial historical heritage of our territory, the history of all the people, companies, creativity, ingenuity and educate the new generations to celebrate the memory. 

Attendees will be welcomed the following institutional representatives:

- Mariella Pappalepore [CFO Planetek and Confindustria Bari Culture Club Coordinator]
- Sergio Fontana [Chairman, Confindustria Puglia]
- Antonio Marinaro [Chairman, Confindustria Taranto]
- Ettore Ruggiero [MAKE Project Coordinator in Puglia]


- Industrial heritage and company museums in Puglia
by Antonio Monte, CNR-ISPC Researcher and Chairman of AIPAI

- Museum of Primitivo Wine, Manduria
by Anna Gennari, Scientific Manager of the Museum

- Museum of the "G. Mucci" Sugar Plum, Andria (Barletta)
by Loredana Mucci, Scientific Manager of the Museum

- Museum of "Oropan" Bread, Altamura (Bari)
by Lucia Forte, Scientific Manager of the Museum

- The value of designing a company museum
by Guido Santilio, Chairman, ADI (Industrial Design Association) of Puglia and Basilicata 

Moderated by Sara De Trizio, Casillo Group representative at the Confindustria Companies for Culture Club