Cardenia Casillo: the new head of Casillo’s Charitable foundation

The foundation entitled to Vincenzo Casillo, Molino Casillo’s founder, has been managed by his wife Vanda Patruno, who has set it up together with her sons Pasquale, Francesco, Beniamino and Cardenia in 2007 and has followed each step with interest and passion.

Till the present, foundation has accomplished a flourishing path, generating resources in promotion and support of new projects for community’s welfare and people’s lives improvement. The foundation promotes and supports education, formation through educational initiatives and activities aiming to support schools, young contribution, women’s entrepreneurship, and those who find themselves in tough circumstances.

In middle of November 2022 the charge of president has been assigned to Cardenia Casillo, previously executive director’s foundation, and ever since operational and strategic key manager. “I hope that our foundation keeps on with philanthropic activities established by our statute without forgetting Vincenzo Casillo’s memory, a generous and caring man with everyone. I wish that also the third generation will continue to follow this project and the associated values” declared the president Cardenia. Cardenia is graduated in Strategic Management, and she is the Ceo of Casillo’s Foundation.

She has recently obtained the title of Qualified Family Officer in AIFO. Mother of two daughters and married with Cosimo Zanna, who is the general administrator of the Holding and supports her during activities and initiatives. She has been president and commercial director of Bio Trade Italia Srl; she has a plurennial experience in system quality control management, environmental impact, and work safety in Casillo Group.

Having a strong attitude for interpersonal relationships and a strong ability in listening and hosting, she has developed a network of collaborations and knowledge especially in the social field. Guided by love for others and by solidarity values she is an active local partner specially thanks to Foundation. To Cardenia, has been recognized by Rotary Holding the title of Paul Harris Fellow as a reward and admiration sign for the significant support in promoting a better reciprocal comprehension and a familiarity relationship between worldwide population.

Cardenia loves nature, animals, and sea. The love for beauty, simplicity and faith characterises her personality since she was a child. If the Charitable Foundation has developed and done amazing projects these past years, it is because of her intuition, her sensibility, curiosity, and support towards her family. She has been capable of giving form and substance to what seemed to be just a dream and she did it to return to territory what she has learned from her father, promoter of the right work, intended as respectable of men and of his dream aspiration, driven from the wish of giving a sensitive form to the desire of knowledge.

Vincenzo Casillo’s history has big peculiarity values: a simple man’s values who starting from his cultural tradition and remaining constantly faithful to it, has achieved an entrepreneurship and humanitarian dream, today beloved all around the world. “I consider this shift of roles important but not particularly characterizing in substance, since from the starting of Holding activities I’ve always committed as much as I could to the achievement of this ambitious project. On the other hand, I realise that this means for me a further attestation of faith from my mother and my siblings. They strongly believe, as I do, in the potentiality of our Foundation which is strongly connected to the entrepreneurial group founded by Vincenzo Casillo.

Indeed, Charitable Foundations have not just the potentiality but the role of connecting positive forces of the territory: no profit entities, companies, public entities; without fearing competitive logics and finalizing their value resources and competences not just economic resources, to a healthful growth starting from the territory in which they operate.