Our 2021 Social Report: open dialogue with stakeholders

Fondazione Vincenzo Casillo’s Social Report is first and foremost an instrument to spark dialogue and enhance the value of our relationship with stakeholders (all organizations and subjects we engage with); it is a useful tool to understand how the Foundation operates and its role in supporting local territories, and explains the value generated in terms of time dedicated to organizations and associations.


Our Social Report is a tool to report on responsibilities, behaviors and social, environmental and economic results achieved by the activities the Foundation carries out; the Foundation strives to report on its activity, showcasing its capacity to fulfill institutional commitments and to pursue its mission, by giving a qualitative and quantitative representation of the choices it made, the resources it employed and the relative ways these were employed, the activities it carried out during the year and the results it achieved, thus respecting criteria of verifiability and transparency.

In 2021, the Foundation supported 40 projects with a total € 187,231 in distributed funds. The main ongoing partnerships are with: Assifero, Vita, Asvis, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Startnet and Ashoka.

The Foundation’s specific goal is to operate directly in the field with a spirit of service towards direct beneficiaries and in cooperation with all the organizations that directly or indirectly take part in the initiatives it supports.

Its mission confirms the will to favor the wellbeing of local communities and the improvement of people’s living standards, and is carried out starting from the Values of Founding Members and from the identification of a model of intervention that generates a measurable social impact on the territory and therefore fosters the establishment of a favorable physical, institutional and social environment for collective wellbeing. € 132,117 were distributed in support of culture, education, training and scholarships. € 30,800 directly supported third-sector organizations.

€ 22,814 supported projects for job placement. € 1,500 supported projects tied to health care. To rediscover our values, to find out more about our collaborations with other organizations, and to get to know the main activities we carry out and the projects we supported in 2021, with the social benefits they generated, the evolutions and the insights for improvement, please read our Social Report in full.

This fourth edition was illustrated by Nadiagelsomina, a visual artist who paints and publishes illustrations and stories. You can download the 2021 Social Report here. Or find our Social Reports from previous years here.