Phase 2 for Changemakers has begun: for social change

One year ago Fondazione Vincenzo Casillo decided to support with its partnership Gen C: Generazione Changemakers (literally “Gen C: Changemaker Generation”), an initiative launched by Italy’s Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani and Ashoka Italia to incentivize youth leadership and build a community of boys, girls, and young men and women able to promote social change.


Within a framework of expectations and projects developed during the European Year of Youth, Gen C chose to listen and lead, with even stronger conviction and certainty, the very people who experiment with innovative ideas and solutions every day.

To bring out the full value of these talents and offer them new opportunities for growth, the call for Gen C is back this year to recruit youths in the so-called “changemaker generation”: by 7 November 2022, 50 changemakers will be selected – i.e. young men and women between the ages of 13 and 24, and mentors between 25 and 35 years of age, who have developed projects to generate a positive impact on their community.

Mentors have an important role as “guides”, and will become a point of reference for youths. The two categories of changemakers, young people and mentors, will have access to the same opportunities. Now in the second phase of the project, Gen C: Generazione Changemaker strives to carry out tangible actions at the national and international level to promote intergenerational cooperation between European youths, by identifying 5 specific fields of intervention.

· Engagement and community building, to expand the changemaker community in Europe;

· Education and training, to give Italian youths the opportunity to acquire information and in-depth knowledge about the initiative’s transitions;

· Fueling the ecosystem, thanks to the collaboration with over 40 partners who can support the changemakers’ personal, social and professional growth;

· Policymaking, to create new spaces for debate and design innovative policies that create value for youths;

· Storytelling, to communicate a new idea of success while growing up, through the stories of the youths who are contributing to change in Italy and in Europe.

If you have identified a social issue and are determined to solve it for everyone’s sake, and if you have a host of qualities – including empathy, the ability to look at the bigger picture, courage, awareness and determination to truly make things better for the common good – you most likely belong to the changemaker category. Changemakers are indispensable for contemporary society, invaluable for the promotion of disadvantaged territories and for the enhancement of cultural and social projects. They are real role models for future generations, their peers and their entire community.

Why should you apply for the Call?

To have the opportunity to:

· Become part of an alliance that fosters youth participation;

· Develop new knowledge and changemaker skills through an educational journey;

· Take part in national and international events to connect to other young changemakers;

· Participate in intergenerational collaboration spaces and other collaboration programs between European youths;

· Participate in political dialogue with decision-makers in Italy and Europe, and co-design innovative policies that can better respond to young people’s real expectations;

· Talk to over 40 partners who support youth initiatives;

· Contribute to spreading a new narrative about the Changemaker Generation: one in which youths are not seen under a negative light but instead as agents for positive change;

· Discover new opportunities for growth that can help you along your path and in your initiatives;

· Attract visibility on public platforms for social transformation and youth leadership, sharing your story.

How can you become a changemaker?

All you have to do is tell your story and apply: this is your chance to take part in the selection for 50 changemakers during the month of November 2022. The call will be open until 7 November 2022. You can apply by filling out this form (in Italian). Here you can read about Adriana Latti, a young changemaker who shared her thoughts about the transformative GenC: Generazione Changemaker weekend held in Corato (near Bari, Italy) at Gruppo Casillo’s facilities. For further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.