15 scholarships offered by the Vincenzo Casillo Foundation for Seoc 2022

The Vincenzo Casillo Foundation is offering 15 scholarships for young adults interested in the next Social Enterprise Open Camp.

The scholarships are dedicated to young entrepreneurs, social innovators, international cooperation and association operators, new graduates and near-graduates who would like to approach social economy and impact investing, and who live and study (or work) in Apulia.

The Social Enterprise Open Camp (Seoc) is a training event organized by the Opes-Lcef Foundation, one of Italy’s first impact investing players, and the CGM National Consortium, the country’s leading social enterprise network. Seoc is an international event with completely unique traits, conceived to help social enterprises grow thanks to the dialog with industry and finance leaders, through an immersive educational method that revolves around workshops and round tables.

Every edition of the event is dedicated to a different issue. Seoc 2022 will be held from 21 to 24 October 2022 in Bari and Matera, and will focus on the scenarios opened up by the pandemic crisis. In particular, the widening digital gap and urgent need to promote innovation and technological solutions to face the lack of infrastructures, in urban areas and beyond, will be discussed.

As in previous editions, in 2022 the Social Enterprise Open Camp will be organized as an intensive and immersive camp, with plenary sessions and workshops alternating.